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Candice C Ellis (MA) LiAc (diplomate) NCCAOM

Welcome to my website!

I became involved in Oriental Medicine after a dramatic healing experience with Acupuncture.  I had been deafened in a medical laboratory explosion, and was told there would be no treatment for my nerve deafness.  Seven years later, I had Acupuncture treatments and recovered most of my hearing.  Always interested in healing myself and others, I studied Chinese Medicine and graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown Massachusetts in 1984 and began my career as an Acupuncturist.  Since that time I have also stayed on as a faculty member at the school teaching infection control and occupational safety courses.

Chinese Medicine is a discipline which requires continuing study as new translations and interpretations in English are made available, and always eager to learn, I embrace this aspect of Acupuncture.  I am also very interested in both the scientific model and the energetic model of health and wellness.

Through my practice over the last thirty years, I have offered my patients attention, compassion, some laughter and a safe haven in which to foster the healing process.